NEW Promotional Gift Gadgets Credit Card OTG USB Flash Drives Memory Sticks

If you are looking for a difference and unique credit card usb flash drives,this special ultra slim Credit card usb drives with novelty function is surely cater your needs.

The customized credit card otg usb flash drives combines USB storage and OTG function.You may confuse what is OTG (USB ON THE GO)?By plugging it into your phone or PC, you can stay connected with all data files you need.The personalized credit card OTG USB sticks allow you to transfer or storage photos, favourite music,important messages and files to and from your smart phone or tablet pc,back-up or supplementary device for smartphone.You can directly connect it to your phone without any need for an adapter or additional software.You can use it as a back-up or supplementary device for work and personal data. It is a better option for moving large amounts of data in comparison to a wireless transfer, which takes long and becomes a hassle when the connection is slow or patchy.

NEW Promotional Gift Gadgets Credit Card OTG USB Flash Drives Memory Sticks

The promotional custom credit card otg usb pendrives come with abs,plastic finish in various colours,even pantone colors.It can be made 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB memory size.They are just like normal credit card usb flash drives,which is sized to be transported right along with the credit cards in your wallet.The design of these printed credit card otg usb drives allow for your design to run from edge to edge for maximum exposure and branding efforts.This ultra-thin card otg usb memory sticks will set you apart as a cutting edge company and is ideal for distribution as a promotional products at next trade shows,conferences or conversions or even meetings,or even mobile promotion events,vip clients or employees...Our advanced printing processes ensure eye-catching results.You can order the U-disk with difference brand or numbers.Hurry up and getting contact with us to have perfect bespoke credit card otg usb flashdrives by

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