New Arrival Promotional Gifts Customized Bamboo Fiber Eco Friendly USB Flash Drive

Our company has released new series of branded usb drive:fiber eco friendly usb thumb drive in various style,including credit card eco usb drive,oval usb pen drive,swivel eco friendly usb,mini eco usb thumb drives,recycled paper usb gifts,renewable woods memory sticks,and (PLA) biodegradable thermoplastic usb storage devices...You must wander why it names custom fiber eco friendly usb flashdrives?Because personalized USB 2.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick casing is constructed from a new eco-friendly composite in plant fibre and polypropylene material.

New Arrival Promotional Gifts Customized Bamboo Fiber Eco Friendly USB Flash Drive

branded bamboo eco friendly usb flash drive memory stick 2.0 or 3.0 promotional gifts or giveaways or souvenirs items

If your prefer to green promotional gift or giveaways ideas,you come in the right place.There are popular marketing tool for any business at next tradeshow,conference or conventions,or business events or even important holidays to employees,potential and existing clients,kids...We started with RoHS certified construction to remove hazardous materials from our products.

Customizing usb flash drives, logo printing, and pre-loading of your digital content, marketing materials, videos, mp3 music files, and much more are available.Imprint your company logo on bespoke fiber eco friendly usb drive by silk print,digital colour,laser engrave or even pad print increase company brand so the recipients will keep your company in their mind each time they use them.Capacity of those customized fiber eco friendly usb flash drive:1GB,2GB,4GB,8GB,32GB,64GB.Get in contact with us to get the details information by

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